3 Disc Starter Set – Misprint pack


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this pack includes 1 non misprint firehawk, a misprint Fly and misprint huntsman zero1 putter.

Our 100% aussie made premium starter sets come with a:


Firehawk beginner friendly fairway driver,

Ekka Premium plastic rrp $24. 171-175g weight

Plastic colours, Aqua, Red and Black


Fly Straight midrange, misprint

Ekka Premium Plastic rrp $24. 176-180g weight

Plastic colours, Aqua, Pink, red, white and yellow.


Huntsman Zero1 straight putter

AU base plastic rrp $18 169-173g weight

Plastic colours, Dark grey, light blue.


Please advise colour of each disc on checkout, if not we will randomly select colours for the pack.




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