David Bandy

David Bandy

PDGA # 8534

Perth Western Australia


I started playing back in 2007 and became addicted pretty quick with sport. Then in 2009 I decided to take my game to the next level where I was going out every day with out fail to practice as much as I could so I could play on the adg tour and be a competitive player. Since then I have had 23 pdga wins and won the adg tour 3 times. I always look forward to getting out for a throw with mates but on the right course I still love to compete.

Favourite Courses

I enjoy any course that makes me think and requires me to use more than one type of throw and that can punish a person for having a bad throw. So in saying that some of my favorite Australian courses are PineLines, poimena and Drysdale

Career Highlights

There are three that stick out in my mind. First was winning my first adg tour back in 2009 back then it was done different to where the top 4 would have a play off round at nationals in the first round to determine the winner. At the end of the round myself and Luke were tied so we went into playoff holes and I was able to hit a 15m headwind putt to take the win that was special and to this day still the most nervous I have felt on the course. Second was my win in Hobart, I love the course there and traveling there in general and would travel there once a year for 3 or 4 years so to finally get the win there was pretty special. Last one is getting to represent my country in the sport I love I got to hang out with some great team mates and meet and play against some special people from around the world.


At the moment my bag is mainly full of innova discs with the same discs but different molds.
I putt with jk aviar I like the softness and stickiness of the plastic.
Mainly rocs I have 4 of them all different also love my mirage and I also use an atlas for super straight throws.
I love my eagles I have 4 all star plastic of different molds I have the star e, star ex and the sex and they all fly different I also use a firebird for the overstable shots.
I use 2 kahu rpm discs one K mold and one xg mold. I also have a super light weight blizzard destroyer and a couple of star destroyers and also a titanium force that only Thor could throw but comes in handy for some special shots when needed.

D. Bandy