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Misprints on sale, $16 Taipans $15 ex and ekka discs, $12 AU


Disc stats, Taipan 13 4 0 3 experienced level and windy day driver.

Firehawk EKKA 8 5 -2 1    EX 8 5 -1 1 beginner firendly driver that can be throw extremely far, one of the most popular discs in the country at the moment.

Dingo Ekka 5 4 0 3 over stable midrange, but still be usable by all levels.

Huntsman AU 2 3 0 2 overstable putter, very consistent in all conditions.


Stamps and weights will vary, but all 171-176 for Huntsman and Firehawks, 173-175 Taipans, 175-18 Dingos.

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Dingo AU, Dingo Ekka, Firehawk Ekka, Firehawk EX, Huntsman Zero2 AU, Huntsman Zero2 Ekka, Taipan Premium, Taipan Ultra


Aqua, Black, Blue, Clear pearl, Orange, Pink, Red, Salmon, White


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