Tanel Luik

PDGA # 78993

Australia – Estonia


First time I ever played was near the end of 2013 when one of my good mates invited me to play. I was hooked pretty much instantly and in 2014 I played all year, even when we had 2 feet of snow and -10C degrees. In 2014 me and my friends started participating in competitions and league days, also that year I had my first nationals in Estonia. In 2016 I moved to Australia and one of the first things I did was to play the Aussie nationals in Sydney. After that I quickly realised that I want to play as many events as I can in the ADG Tour. I really liked travelling to the tour events, playing the competition courses and seeing all the people. In 2018 I had to move back to Estonia and I’m trying to play all the big events here – there’s ALOT of them.

Favourite Courses

Favourite permanent course in Australia is Poimena in Tasmania. Second is Mundaring. In terms of competitions courses I think Canberra has had a great course 2 years in a row.
Favourite course in Estonia is Mäetaguse. However I still haven’t played on all of the good ones.

Career Highlights

• 1st place in 2016 Australia Championships in MA2
• Winning the 2017 Australian Disc Golf Tour in MA1


Most of the discs in my bag are Prodigy. My favourite disc currently is the A3. My go to driver is the D1. I have a few D2’s and D3’s always in the bag. I also use Innova Destroyers and I have a FD3 in my bag. For putters I use Pa2 from Prodigy. First disc I ever bought was a Westside King and it was in my bag for so long that eventually it got too understable and I had to take it out.

T. Luik